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Get Tailored Solutions to test, secure & process e-Commerce transactions for Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways & Acquirer Banks

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Logibiz Technologies

A tech company focusing on providing payment solutions to cover 360 view of e-Commerce Payments eco-system with the vision to offer state of the art & future-centric payments infrastructure & solutions for online transactions to businesses worldwide.

We provide a fully integrated suite of cutting-edge payment products for testing, securing & processing online transactions.

Who Can Get Benefit from Our Services:

Payment Gateways & Merchants

  • Reduce cart abandonment rates by using 3DS2 frictionless flow
  • Make mobile transactions more secure by using 3DS mobile SDK
  • Reduce the risk of credit card fraud and stop chargebacks with the help of liability shift
  • Be sure to comply with the regulations, for example, SCA under PSD2

Card issuers

  • Lower the chance of online fraud and maintain the control of authenticating transactions
  • Create a rich data set to use
    more precise risk-based authentication based on risk
  • Control the risk of fraud and cut down on the risk of fraud on credit card

Acquirer Banks

  • Comprehensive technical resources
    and help and assistance are readily available
  • Utilizes industry-standard APIs
  • Years of 3D Secure Experiential work experience in the field
  • Meet global regulations, such as PCI-DSS EMVCo as well as PSD2 SCA

Our Solutions

simbiz3DS - Payment Solution
3DS Testing Simulator


An end-to-end 3D secure authentications test environment


  • Supports the latest version of 3DS protocol version 2.0 along with version 1.0
  • Support multiple payment systems in one solution
  • Provide MPI, DS & ACS together in one arrangement
  • Another option is also accessible to associate with MPI and ACS exclusively and together
  • Execution without a heavy Infra prerequisites
  • Solution is customizable as per Customer’s requirement
End-to-End Payment Gateway


A white-labeled & robust e-Payments Platform build & owned by Logibiz

  • A future ready e commerce payment processing technology with full suite of online payment solution
  • Customizable as per customer need
  • State of the art microservices technology
  • Robust security & industry compliance
  • Multi-tenant & Merchant aggregation support
  • Intuitive dashboard & configuration portals
  • Out of the box Fraud & Risk Alert Engine
  • Multiple payment methods support
  • Straight out-of-the-box deployment within your own environment
paybiz - payment solution
paybiz3DS - payment solution
3DS Server


A cutting-edge 3DS Server solution for authenticating transactions


  • Cloud deployment ready
  • EMVCo certified
  • Straight out-of-the-box deployment within your own environment
  • Interoperability using the 3DS1 Protocol
Learn About Paybiz3DS
Mobile SDK


Make Authentication Native


  • Full Paybiz3DS Server integration as needed
  • Local cell phone support
  • Accessible for both Android and IOS
Learn About PaybizSDK
PaybizSDK - Payment Solution
PaybizACS - Payment Solution

Access Control Server


An innovative approach of authentication with frictionless flow
  • Multi-channel authentication for web & mobile devices
  • Multi issuer support
  • HSM agnostic
  • Compatible with all major card schemes
  • Administration on the web is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Ample reporting and customer management
  • An implementation that is effortless
Learn About PaybizACS

Tailored Pricing

Tailored Pricing

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is customised to meet your unique needs. Provides flexible and reliable payments technology to adapts your needs time to time (as they change). If you require a quote, please contact our sales team.

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Why Choose Us


Can be used for MPI, DS as well as for ACS individually Can be used for MPI, DS as well as for ACS individually

High Availability

Phone and Email support are always available to assist you with every step you take.

Multiple Deployment Models

Multiple Deployment Models (On-Premise, Cloud / Monthly Subscription) Multiple Deployment Models

Dashboard and Reports

Real-time statistics and information on your simbiz3DS Dashboard to make knowledgeable enterprise decisions.

Easy Deployment

With plugins for all major platforms and languages, simbiz3DS is ready to use in less than an hour

Easily Customizable

To get started with our easily customizable services, simply contact our team and let us know what you're looking for.

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