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About Logibiz

Your Technolgoy Solution Provider
A tech company focusing on eCommerce payments eco-system

Our Mission


  • Our services & solutions are best fit for Financial Institutions & Acquirers Banks, Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways and Merchants.
  • With many years of rich experience in technology development, we aim to become a leader and trend setter in supporting & promoting electronic payments.
  • A UK based technology company aiming to offer one-stop shop for powerful & state-of-the-art payments & authentication solutions to cover 360 view of eCommerce Payments eco-system.

Payment service providers
Payment Service Providers

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer cutting-edge & future-centric payments solutions & infrastructures to businesses worldwide and contribute into global payments digitization to transform society digitally and achieve economic growth

Our Values

Futuristic & long-term approach

We believe in adopting futuristic & avoid thinking short term

Agile & Adaptable

Being Agile & adaptive is need of the moment & our organization is utterly operating on Agile principles

Grow together

We believe that our employees, customers & vendors should work in a way that mutual benefit are ensured, and each party is growing collectively

No to antiquated technology

Being a technology company, we not only believe in using up-to-date technology in our company, but also discourage obsolete technologies in our surrounding

Be courageous in decisions

We are never scared of taking decisions which we feel is beneficial for society, regardless how hard is that goal is to achieve

Transparency & Trust philosophy

Since Transparency is the antidote to hypocrisy therefore, We believe inspiring trust with transparency and tenacity as the keystone to doing business

What We Offer?

Online Payments Infrastructure

We provide state-of-the-art eCommerce Payment Infrastructure & solutions for Acquirer banks, Payment Service Providers and Payment aggregators.

Identity & Authentication Solutions

We provide cutting-edge solutions for acquirer side authentication including 3DS Server, Access Control Server, certified by EMVCo & compliant with PCI standards.

Testing Simulators

We also aim to help Quality assurance of the products by offering simulators & testing platforms to validate end to end journey of an eCommerce authentication process before going Live in production environment.

A Word from Company

Our company aims to transform ourselves from a startup to a global front-runner fin-tech in advancing and promoting electronic payments internationally

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