Simbiz3DS - An
End-to-End 3DS
Testing Environment

Simbiz3DS - An End-to-End 3DS Testing Environment

Fulfill all your 3D Secure Testing Needs with simbiz3DS, a comprehensive testing environment solution.

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Simulate Directory Server, 3DS Server and ACS in one platform

Whether you’re integrating with an existing 3DS solution or developing your own 3DS product, simbiz3DS simplifies your testing capabilities by providing seamless testing of all 3DS components and reducing the time and cost of your implementation cycle.

An end-to-end 3DS Testing simulator for everyone

Our all-in-one 3DS Simulator provides a comprehensive environment for testing the entire 3DS authentication journey. With simbiz3ds, you can eliminate the hassle of fragmented tools and streamline your testing process with a centralized solution. This robust tool allows you to test all 3DS components flawlessly and perform full integration checks on your product.

testing environment

Benefits of using Testing Simulator

Faster Achievement Of Scheme’s Compliance Tests

Simbiz3DS is a valuable tool for ensuring that all your test scenarios produce the correct results before beginning certification with the card scheme. This will allow you to pass your card scheme certification quicker and can reduce the cost of time-based certification tests.

Assures System’s High Performance & Consistency

With a 3DS Testing simulator subscription, you can run periodic test cases to ensure that each authentication scenario in your payment system works as expected. This is particularly valuable post any configuration & code modification or version upgrades.

Boost Integration Performance

Logibiz products have been used in the market for many years. They are reliable, high performing, as well as simple to use and customizable to meet the integration needs of customers.

How Can simbiz3DS Testing Simulator Help Your Business?

Pre-Launch (Newcomers) - Save Time & Money on Integration Testing

Newcomers can properly test their 3DS integration without involving card schemes. This saves both time and money, as card schemes often charge testing fees and require retesting if deadlines are missed.

Post-Launch - Validation of Integration with Merchants

simbiz3DS also allows you to test new merchants’ connection and functioning during onboarding before they go live. This allows merchants to validate end-to-end authentication journey with the sandbox environment to prevent any surprises in production.

New & Existing Users - Test Different Scenarios and Errors

Both new and existing users can test how their 3DS product handles various transaction scenarios. This is useful for testing edge cases such as timeouts and technical failures. You can also use our pre-configured test cards to simulate various scenarios and card schemes.

Post-Launch - Ongoing Testing for Smooth Operations

Existing users can rely on simbiz3DS to conduct frequent testing to guarantee that their 3DS components are stable and secure. It’s also helpful for validating the changes and new requirements.

For Acquirers - Test all Possible Acquiring Scenarios

Acquirer banks, merchants and payment gateways can easily connect with simbiz3DS and can initiate testing of their 3DS Server or Merchant Plug-In (MPI). In addition to pre-defined test scenarios, the simulator also allows testing of multiple permutation of scenarios of different card schemes & authentication channels.

Supported Authentication Channels

Pre Defined Test Scenarios

For Issuers – Test all Possible Issuing Scenarios

With the many possible configurations for cards in ACS component, simbiz3DS can assist banks and fintechs that issue cards to determine whether the cards are properly configured and produce the desired results in each situation. In addition, the simbiz3DS could be utilized to test different scenarios of cards in the event of upgrading to the newer version of ACS.

To conduct ACS testing, simbiz3DS can act 3DS Server & Directory Server to simulate the testing of complete authentication journey. Test cards for different scenarios can be created on the fly using the configuration screens.

Why Choose Simbiz3DS?

Our platform stands out with complete end-to-end testing capabilities, support for multiple card schemes, and flexible deployment models.

Flexible Deployment & Pricing

Customize your testing experience with multiple deployment choices (Cloud or On-premises). Our price structures make it affordable for enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups to big enterprises, to choose from monthly, annual, and enterprise subscriptions.

Control Over Testing Configurations

With simbiz3DS, you gain complete control over configurations and scenarios, spanning from Merchant integration to Payment authentication.

Support of Functional & Performance Testing:

simbiz3DS supports all EMVCo 3DS 2.X protocols and not only ensures thorough testing of all the functional scenarios of EMVCo and Card Schemes but also supports load testing in case performance Test of the 3DS product is required.

Proven Expertise in Financial Institutions

Benefit from Logibiz's strong presence in leading retail banks and fintechs. Our quick connectivity with cloud instances within 48 hours and free advisory help for EMVCo certification make us a reliable industry partner.

How It Works?

Our platform stands out with complete end-to-end capabilities, and support for multiple card schemes.

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Key Modules Of Simbiz3DS

Choose the plan that meets your business needs. Pay annually or monthly based on your preferences.

3ds testing

3DS Server

To validate ACS Server & Directory Server, 3DS server component of simbiz3DS can be used to initiate an e-commerce transaction to have control over various transaction parameters in the testing environment.

testing simulator

Directory Server

To verify enrolment of cardholders in the 3D secure program by providing enrollment and authentication data.

directory server

Access Control Server

For checking the cardholder identity during the purchase. It interacts with the merchant site and networks component (Directory Server and History Server).

Dashboard & Administration Console

For configuring, monitoring, and providing activity reports of the testing environment. Provides master configuration for BIN, card ranges, OTP setup and URL configuration for 3DS, DS and ACS.


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What is a 3DS Server ?

The 3DS Server provides a functional interface between the Directory Server (DS) and the 3DS Requestor Environment flows. 3DS Server is responsible for gathering necessary data elements for 3-D Secure messages, authenticating the DS, validating the DS, the 3DS SDK, and the 3DS Requestor, safeguarding the message contents. The 3DS Server also helps to protect the message content while it is being transferred to DS and vice versa.