Your Technology Solution Providers
Your Technology Solution Providers

E-Payments Amplified Securely

Get Tailored Solutions for Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways, Banks & FinTechs to Secure, Test & Process Online Transactions 

What We Offer?

Revamp your digital landscape with our all-in-one suite, including online payments infrastructure, identity authentication solutions, and cutting-edge testing simulators for optimized online transactions.

White-label Payment Gateway Solution

We provide state-of-the-art eCommerce Payment Infrastructure & solutions for Acquirer banks, Payment Service Providers and Payment aggregators.

3DS Authentication Solutions

We provide cutting-edge solutions for acquirer side authentication including 3DS Server, Access Control Server, certified by EMVCo & compliant with PCI standards.

3DS Testing Simulators

We also aim to help Quality assurance of the products by offering simulators & testing platforms to validate end to end journey of an eCommerce authentication process before going Live in production environment.

Our solutions

3DS Testing Simulator


An end-to-end 3D secure authentications test environment
End-to-End Payment Gateway


A white-labeled & robust e-Payments Platform build & owned by Logibiz
3DS Server


A cutting-edge 3DS Server solution for authenticating transactions
Mobile SDK


Make Authentication Native
Access Control Server


An innovative approach of authentication with frictionless flow

Who Can Get Benefit from Our Services:

Payment Gateways & Merchants

Acquirer Banks, PSPs & FinTechs


Card Issuers

Integrators & Testers

Tailored Pricing

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is customised to meet your unique needs. Provides flexible and reliable payments technology to adapts your needs time to time (as they change). If you require a quote, please contact our sales team.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in Payments Domain

Expertise and experience in the payments industry with profound understanding of payment processing, compliance, and industry trends 

Partnerships and Collaborations

Open to strategic partnerships and collaborations to become reseller, partners or affiliates

Dedicated Account Management

Committed account managers to ensure personalized attention, proactive problem solving and strategic guidance

Flexible Business Models

License-based, Subscription-based, transaction-based & revenue sharing business models to cater to the different needs and preferences of clients 

Multiple Deployment Models

On-Premises, Cloud-based and Hybrid deployment options to best align with your business needs, infrastructure preferences, and regulatory requirements 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Use of Microservices architecture enabling our clients to scale both horizontally and vertically

Global Reach

Facilitating seamless cross-Industry and cross-Border coverage with interoperable solutions, empowering global reach

Certifications and Compliance

Compliance with industry & regulatory standards such as SCA, PSD2, PCI & Card schemes’ mandates

24/7 Support

Team of professionals committed to assist 24/7 to address any issue or concern

What our client think

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Need to discuss more!

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is customized to meet your unique requirements. Provides flexible and reliable payment technology to adapt to your needs as they change. If you require a quote, please contact our sales team. 

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