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3DS Testing Simulator

3D Secure test platform for all your testing requirements

3D Secure test platform for all your testing requirements

3DS1 And 3DS2 Testing Simulator: Simbiz3DS

An end-to-end 3DS Testing simulator for everyone

3DS Testing simulator is an all-in-one 3D Secure authentication testing environment. Testing simulator is a tool that can be utilized by anyone seeking to incorporate any already-in-place 3D Secure solution or create a personal 3D Secure product. Testing Platform is a great way for testing of 3DS version 2.X components as well as to conduct integration tests of the product.

Extensive Support Across Multiple Card Schemes

We can help with different types of cards to fit what you need. Just tell us which ones you want, and we’ll make sure you get the support you require.

Card Schemes Supported
Compliance and Certification

Our systems to stop fraud follow big industry rules like EMVCo and SCA. The major card schemes fully back and require them.

Components of a 3D Secure transaction

Merchant Plugin & 3DS Server (Acquiring Domain)

Component of the merchant website Queries the Directory Server to check if the customer is enrolled in a 3D-Secure program Request for authentication to the Issuer’s ACS via the cardholder’s browser

Directory Server (Interoperability Domain)

Interface between MPI and ACS modules to route Enrollment verification queries to the Issuer’s ACS

Access Control Server - ACS (Issuer Domain)

Reside with the Issuer. Verifies the card holder enrollment during a transaction. Displays the authentication window as per the configuration. Authenticates the cardholder for the transaction. Stores the

Find more real-life test results with fully developed 3DS components of simbiz3DS:

Contrary to many testing tools that make use of simulators, simbiz3DS is comprised of live and fully developed 3D Secure components:

Our users get real-world test outcomes and get the ability to create custom test scenarios.

Benefits of simbiz3DS

Faster Achievement Of Scheme’s Compliance Tests

Simbiz3DS is a great tool to ensure that all your test scenarios produce the right results prior to starting certification of your card scheme. This will allow you to pass your card scheme certification quicker and may reduce the cost of time-based certification tests.

Assures System’s High Performance & Consistency

With 3DS Testing simulator subscription, you can run periodic test cases to verify that every authentication scenario within your payment system works according to plan. This is particularly valuable post any configuration & code changes or version upgrades.

Boost Integration Performance

Products of Logibiz are being used in the market for years & they are reliable and high performing, as well as simple to use & customizable to meet integration needs of the customers.

Tailored Pricing

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is customised to meet your unique needs. Provides flexible and reliable payments technology to adapts your needs time to time (as they change). If you require a quote, please contact our sales team.

An End-to-End 3D Secure testing platform to fulfill needs of both Acquiring and Issuing businesses

Supports testing needs of all possible Acquiring scenarios

Simbiz3DS includes pre-defined test cases as well as offers the configuration screens to prepare customized test scenarios for both 3DS2 and 3DS1 to support testing for your 3DS Server (3DS) or Merchant Plug-In (MPI) respectively. One can test many combinations & permutations of multiple card schemes, authentication channels and testing scenarios.

3DS Server / MPI testing is initiated by the merchant or payment gateway using their test environment or merchant site. The simbiz3DS’ ACS and DS components can be setup with the test card numbers for various scenarios and acquirer and merchant details. Simbiz3DS testing simulator also comes with pre-configured testing connectivity information, yet also possible to connect software from external vendors’ systems.

Supported Authentication Channels

Pre-Defined Test Scenarios

Test every card combination & permutation

With the many possible configurations for cards in ACS component, simbiz3DS can assist banks that issue cards to determine whether the cards are properly configured and produce the desired results in each situation. In addition, the simbiz3DS could be utilized to test different scenarios of cards in the event of upgrading to the newer version of ACS.

To conduct ACS testing, simbiz3DS’ 3DS Server, as well as Directory Server, are configured with the card range of test cards, the acquirer and merchant information, as well as an ACS URL for the tester’s ACS. Test cards for different scenarios are created in the tester’s account.

The tester makes use of their test card to purchase via one of three channels (browser-based, 3RI or mobile app-based) using an extremely efficient 3DS Requestor. The card number sent from the tester’s ACS as a message from PaybizDS (a DS component of simbiz3DS) will be used to identify the necessary integration and send the appropriate response.

simbiz3DS can support your testing needs in multiple ways

Testing The Connectivity And Configurations

Ideal for upcoming 3DS implementers

After the 3DS application has been installed, simbiz3DS can be used to ensure that the application has the right connection and configuration setup. This test will confirm the essential 3DS configurations for the application, as well as the settings for the implementation’s network that are required to connect to other parts that comprise the 3DS ecosystem.

Integration Testing

Suitable for brand new 3DS implementers

By using Logibiz’ 3DS testing simulator upfront to make sure that the integration is correct, Implementers can radically cut the amount of time and money required to conduct testing with card schemes. Testing fees are applicable for specific card schemes. Also, If the test isn’t completed within a specific timeframe, testing will need to be scheduled again and a fee for re-tests could be incurred.

Implementation Testing

Suitable for both new and existing 3DS implementers

Implementers might want to evaluate the response received from their 3DS Server during 3DS transaction using different scenarios. This is particularly very helpful while testing corner cases such as timeouts and other scenarios of business, technical errors. Simbiz3DS allows you to validate your 3DS components by using test cards that have been set up to test different scenarios and various card schemes.

Continuous Testing For Enhancements

Fit with the existing 3DS implementers

Logibiz 3DS Testing simulator to perform ongoing functional testing to ensure the stability and integrity of their 3DS components or to test updated specifications and mandates. Simbiz3DS is also extremely beneficial to allow new merchants of Acquiring banks or Payment service providers to test connectivity & functionality during their initial setup & on-boarding process prior to going Live.

Key Modules of simbiz3DS

Directory Server

To verify enrollment of cardholders in the 3D Secure program by providing enrollment and authentication data.

Access Control Server

For checking the cardholder identity during the purchase. It interacts with the merchant site and networks components (Directory Server and History Server).

Dashboard & Administration Console

For configuring, monitoring, and providing activity reports of the solution. Provides master configurations for BIN, Card ranges, OPT setup & URL configurations for DS & ACS.

Simulator Console

For simulation of e-commerce payments using different card brands to have control over various transaction parameters in testing environment.

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