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Multi-factor authentication to issuers of cards using 3D Secure versions 1 and 2

3D Secure Access Control Server: PaybizACS

Get benefit from more secure & reliable Authentication using EMV 3D Secure

PaybizACS, a market-top Access Control Server (ACS) platform that was created by Logibiz technologies to provide cardholder authentication for issuers of cards. It has the options to be deployed directly inside an individual banking institution, a national / central bank, or processing institution for utilization by multiple issuers. It can be deployed both on premises and in the cloud environment as service.

PaybizACS (Access control server) is designed efficiently & competently resulting in a solution that can support 3D Secure 1 (3DS1), and 3D Secure 2 (3DS2) and helps issuers comply with the EU Payment Service Directive (PSD2) compliance. It helps reduce false declines and abandonment of carts and enhances customer experience by introducing an entirely frictionless process during your payment process.

Compatible with all major card schemes

PaybizACS is compatible with 3DS 1 as well as EMV 3DS and also supports Visa SecureCode, Mastercard Identity Check and Safekey of American Express.

3d secure access control server

Designed to satisfy security and compliance requirements

PaybizACS was designed with compliance and security at its center, making sure that its users are compliant with the payments cards industry’s security and compliance standards.

3d secure access control server

PCI DSS and PCI 3DS Ready

Conforming to Payment Cards Industry (PCI) guidelines for the security of cardholder data

HSM Support

Compatible with PKCS11 enabled HSMs for cryptographic functions to ensure protected storage of sensitive information

Secure Administration Portal

Access for multiple users, based on a role with read-only, write-only, read-write options with two-factor authentication login

Robust ACS with instilled Reliability

Logibiz is a market runner within the 3D Secure space for years and provides the cutting-edge technology to help card issuers decrease the risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraudulent transactions.

Industry-proven, feature-rich, and reliable

A simple yet an advance solution that is continuously improved and developed to meet the needs of both cardholders’ and issuers’ demands.

Comprehensive documentation

The system is supported by well-maintained, online accessible, and easily understandable documentation that is suitable for both technical and business users.

User-friendly and easily adaptable administration portal

Web-based portal that allows for the configuration and administration of the entire system. It includes certificate management, monitoring of transactions in real-time as well as extensive reporting and audit logs.

Feature of Clustering & Load-balancing to achieve high availability

Allows your preferred environment and infrastructure setup to improve performance and scalability both horizontally & vertically.

access control server

Tailored Pricing

Tailored Pricing

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is designed to your individual requirements. If you need a quote you can reach out to our sales department. Our sales team will get in touch with you to understand your exact need shortly.

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3d secure access control server

Cost-effective solution without any compromise on quality

3DS1 and 3DS2 in one system

Parallel supports for the two protocols inside the same system for an easy transition from 3DS1 to 3DS2 keeping both protocols functional at same time

Transparent pricing with No hidden cost

We do not charge hidden fees to our customers, total transparency of our pricing models, and a predictable budgeting

Quick & instant support

Excellent customer service from a dedicated support staff who respond to all important issues within the agreed service levels

Seamless authentication via 3DS2

Access to rich data points

Transmission of high-quality & rich data (such as location, device details, transaction, and merchant information) between the seller and the issuer through web browsers and mobile app SDKs.

Use of Frictionless authentication with improved decision-making

Use of the rich data that is transmitted during transaction processing to provide more accurate risk assessments through the risk engine component.

Enhanced mobile experience

Better shopping experience for shoppers using mobile apps through Native mobile assistance. The implementation of our 3DS2 solution can decrease the abandonment rate of your cart by as much as 25%.

3d secure access control server
3d secure access control server
Decoupled Authentication

PaybizACS’ adapter-based API that communicates through third-party authentication services which allows authentication outside of the traditional 3D Secure flow, enabling the cardholder to carry out the authentication offline without having to communicate with the merchant on the internet.

Requestor Initiated Payments (3RI)

Requestor Initiated payments (3RI), also known as Merchant Initiated authentication, can be used to make periodic or subscription payments. In conjunction with decoupled authentication, they permit merchants to make online transactions, even when the cardholder isn’t accessible for authentication at time of transaction.

Whitelisting API

Cardholders can whitelist trusted merchants to avoid authentication. By using PaybizACS Whitelisting API, issuers can manage the lists of cardholders of trusted merchants. Issuers are able to view and remove trusted merchants from their administration console.

Support for dynamic linking

PaybizACS is compatible with Dynamic Linking which is required for SCA by PSD2. A uniquely-identified authentication code will be utilized for every transaction, and the payee is updated on the exact amount of the payment as well as the payee during the process of authentication.

Complete control over your own deployment

PaybizACS is an easy-to-use and adaptable solution that can be adapted to meet the needs of its customers. Users are in complete control of the deployment, customization, and integration with third-party solutions.
  • Flexible options to manage data from cards

    The data of a card can be saved in a local area in PaybizACS or remotely using an external system.

  • Customization Options

    The solution can be tailored to include unique features requested by issuers

  • Multiple authentication methods

    OTP via SMS, email and OOB for a range of different authentication methods such as biometrics and push notifications

  • Issuer branding

    Option of customizable authentication page to incorporate issuer-specific logos, names and messages

  • Multi-tenant support to incorporate multiple issuers in one system

    Multi-tenant solution to adjust multiple issuers, either as distinct entities that have unique branding and configurations or as group

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