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Paybiz : A Robust White Label Payment Gateway Solution

A ready-to-use white label online payment solution for acquirer banks and PSPs. Benefit from having a reliable payment gateway and a team of payment professionals at your disposal.

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Achieve rapid time to market to develop online payment processing capability

Generate additional revenue streams by leveraging our white label payment platform to brand it with your own identity and get advantage of the feature-rich technology, built-in security & regulatory compliance without the need to build these capabilities from scratch.

online Payment solution

Paybiz - A state-of-the-art White label Payment Platform

Paybiz is a future-ready white label payment platform that allows online businesses to accept and manage payments online with greater flexibility, security, and convenience. Paybiz, an all-in-one payment platform, aims to revolutionize digital transactions globally.

Our ready-to-go white label payment gateway enables you to achieve your objectives faster than your contenders.

Features of Paybiz

State of Art Technology

Robust Security & Industry Compliance

Digital & Seamless Merchant Onboarding

Quick & Easy Merchant Integration

Intuitive Dashboard & Configuration Portals

AI based Fraud & Risk Engine

Webhook Notifications

Express Checkout & Customizable Payment Page Experience

Multi-currency Support

Merchant Aggregation Support

Supported Payment Methods

Logibiz is a market contender within the 3D Secure space for years and provides the cutting-edge technology to help card issuers decrease the risk of card-not-present (CNP) fraudulent transactions.


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Streamlining Payment Distribution through Paybiz

Enhance customer satisfaction and ensure consistent revenue flow by utilizing Paybiz’s features of streamlining payment experience via invoices, subscription payments, and payouts.

Merchant App

Paybiz also comes with a mobile app for merchants to monitor transactions anytime via Mobile App’s dashboard

  • Receive alerts on the go
  • 24/7 connectivity with payment gateway platform
  • Take faster actions and response from the mobile app anytime & from anywhere
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Why choose paybiz?

Our white label payment gateway offers a safe, all-in-one solution to make life simpler & easier. Focus on what matters to your business while we handle everything related to technology from advanced fraud prevention to seamless transactions processing.

All-in-One Payment Platform

Single platform that manages all elements of payment processing, including merchant integration, authentication, authorization, and settlement.

Your Brand, Your Experience

Completely white label our solution to seamlessly match your brand identity and provide a cohesive customer experience.

Faster Launch, Lower Costs

Skip lengthy development efforts and get your payment processing up and running quickly with minimal investment.


Technology is equipped with all the latest features & options applicable to all the business use cases of online businesses

online Payment solution

In essence, Paybiz’s all-in-one white-label payment gateway provides all the security, flexibility, and seamless branding you need to accept payments online with ease.

Transform your payment solutions with Logibiz's advanced white label gateway

How It Works?

We offer simple to follow process to get our clients onboarded.

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Customization & Integration

We will customize the solution to meet your specific need and ensure seamless integration with your system as a unified unit.

Handover & Signoff

We will ensure a smooth transition and provide comprehensive training & documentation to your team to formally Signoff the engagement

Flexible Pricing Plan

Choose the plan that meets your business needs. Pay annually or monthly based on your preferences


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Customized Solutions

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What is an All-in-One Payment Gateway Platform?

An end-to-end white label payment gateway solution is a single platform that manages all elements of payment processing, including merchant integration, authentication, authorization and settlement. Businesses may save both time and money by eliminating the need to interface with multiple vendors. Furthermore, end-to-end payment solutions can provide a more diverse set of features and capabilities, such as fraud prevention, risk management, recurring payment etc.

What is a white label Payment Gateway ?

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The 3DS Server provides a functional interface between the Directory Server (DS) and the 3DS Requestor Environment flows. 3DS Server is responsible for gathering necessary data elements for 3-D Secure messages, authenticating the DS, validating the DS, the 3DS SDK, and the 3DS Requestor, safeguarding the message contents. The 3DS Server also helps to protect the message content while it is being transferred to DS and vice versa.