Implementing 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK: A Comprehensive Guide

Implementing 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK: A Comprehensive Guide

In-app buying and mobile payments are meant to make it easier for us to make online payments more accessible. But checkout is a different story. Continue reading to discover how 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK allows seamless authentication as well as the other perks it brings.

What is 3DS2 Mobile SDK, and What are its benefits?

3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK enables an impeccable user experience for mobile devices while shopping online. It addresses the 3DS1’s inability to offer a consistent UX for mobile transactions. It required multiple browsers running simultaneously, switching between apps and using different apps to process a single transaction.

3DS2 SDK native Integration with mobile apps (both Android and iOS) finally results in a seamless authentication process embedded in your application. Cardholders can now authenticate purchases within their mobile app, without having to navigate between browsers or mobile banking applications. The authentication process is integrated into the mobile app to look and feel natural. This method helps reduce cart abandonment as well as mobile payment fraud. This means that cardholders won’t be bothered by suspicious redirects (which were a part of the previous 3D secure protocol).

3DS2 SDK is Essential for Protecting Mobile Payments

It is obvious that smartphones have transformed the way we work every day. Smartphones have made shopping easier. It is fast, easy, and available 24 hours a day. What can a user possibly want more? Security is the keyword. Mobile payment fraud became a hot topic as consumers increasingly use mobile payments. 3D Secure 2 reacted to these emerging threats by introducing a variety of secure authentication methods, including biometrics. Risk Based Authorization, allows for frictionless online or mobile payments. 3DS2 SDK is a way to protect both your customers and your business.

Mobile Payments in Numbers

Let’s put it in perspective by looking at some of the Mobile Payment Stats For 2021 listed on Digital Products Trends.

These numbers provide a clear indication of the rapid growth in the mobile payments industry and can be used as a guideline for security trends for the future. 3D Secure 2 SDK is a way to increase conversion rates, facilitate authentication flow, and make customers happy.

The Business Side of 3DS2 Mobile SDK Implementation

As we mentioned earlier, 3DS2 was driven by a bad mobile user experience. Mobile SDK is a solution to this problem that offers many additional benefits to customers and you. High security is possible through the multiple authentication methods available and frictionless flow made possible by risk assessment. Let’s delve deeper into why Mobile SDK is called a bundle.

Frictionless Flow

Shop abandonment rates within 3DS1 are primarily due to checkout issues, which were caused by an unavoidable challenge to the cardholder. 3D Secure 2 ensures frictionless flow and enables customers to authenticate without requiring challenge requests. If the transaction risk exceeds the threshold, Mobile SDK, which is an acronym for mobile software, allows cardholders to complete their transaction without having any additional authentication.

Implementing 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK: A Comprehensive Guide

Richer Data Risk Analysis

Mobile SDK allows cardholders to collect data that allows for quality risk assessment. This is an important pillar in frictionless authentication. SDK gathers richer data than previous browser-based authentication. This data is used more accurately by the banks issuing this data to determine the risk level of any transaction. This eliminates unnecessary friction, which positively affects the approval rates.

These numbers provide a clear indication of the rapid growth in the mobile payments industry and can be used as a guideline for security trends for the future. 3D Secure 2 SDK is a way to increase conversion rates, facilitate authentication flow, and make customers happy.

Reduced Abandonment Cart Rates

In the end, cardholders won’t need to bother with multiple browser screens or apps required to finalize a transaction. The authentication process is seamless, and it looks just like the app that’s being used for online purchases. This helps to reduce the likelihood of cardholders abandoning the site from insecure redirects and cumbersome authentication steps.

Heightened Seasonal Security Measures, Simpler Authentication Methods

There is no space for easy-to-forget passwords. Mobile SDK allows the cardholder to choose their preferred authentication method, Biometrics included. Don’t you think scanning your fingerprint adds security and convenience to your transactions?

3DS2 SDK Features For Those Who Are Interested

3D Secure Mobile SDK allows for two transaction flows: frictionless and challenging. SDK communicates directly with ACS Server (Issuer) and performs mutual authentication using the standard TLS protocol.

3DS2 Mobile SDK Features

  • Supported Android, 4.4. and iOS 9.2 plus the newest mobile platforms
  • Integration with payment and other mobile apps
  • Transaction flow in Supported Frictionless & Challenge
  • Incorporate HTML UI customizable elements in Native and HTML UI
  • TLS protocol for standard use with mutual authentication via ACS
  • Collecting Device ID Parameters
  • Integration with Digital wallet application or Card on file interface
  • Applied security measures
  • Access control, authentication
  • Data encryption and integrity testing for sensitive cardholder data
  • Code obfuscation. Encryption. And integrity checking
  • Initialization security screening for rooted/jailbroken Devices, SDK Tampering, Application Emulation
What is SDK in payment gateway?

The Google Pay Merchant SDK (or Google Pay SDK), is a toolkit for developers that allows them to integrate their applications and Google Pay for accepting online payments. Paying for purchases made on the developer’s app is easy and convenient.

How does 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK work?

The 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK provides a set of APIs that can be integrated into a mobile app. When a shopper initiates a transaction, the app uses the SDK to initiate the 3D Secure 2 authentication process. The shopper is then prompted to provide additional information, such as a one-time code, to confirm their identity. Once the identity is confirmed, the transaction can be completed.

What are the prerequisites for 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK?

iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 or pinning support for secure communication

How to integrate 3D Secure 2 Mobile SDK in my mobile application?

In general, the process of integrating the SDK involves installing it in your app and then using the provided APIs to initiate the 3D Secure 2 authentication process. For more details on the integration process, it would be best to consult the documentation provided by the specific SDK you are using.

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What is a 3DS Server ?

The 3DS Server provides a functional interface between the Directory Server (DS) and the 3DS Requestor Environment flows. 3DS Server is responsible for gathering necessary data elements for 3-D Secure messages, authenticating the DS, validating the DS, the 3DS SDK, and the 3DS Requestor, safeguarding the message contents. The 3DS Server also helps to protect the message content while it is being transferred to DS and vice versa.