What Is MIR Accepted By MIR Payment System?

What Is MIR Accepted By MIR Payment System

It is the Mir payment system, a new Russian national payment system that has been creating waves. Mir started issuing credit cards in the year 2015 and has been expanding its offerings since then. The system for payment uses a variety of security protocols that we’ll cover within this article.

The History Of MIR Payment System

The Mir Russian National Payment Card System was developed in 2014 to find a way to ensure reliable electronic money transfer services both within Russia and around the world. The system was first introduced in the year 2015. It was accepted by the Central Bank Of Russia in 2017. It is now recognized by some of Russia’s largest corporations, such as Aeroflot along with Russian Railways. 

The cards are issued by the biggest banks in Russia and including Sberbank. At the year 2016’s end, a total number of 1.75 million cards were issued. In the year 2017’s final the number had increased to more than 19 million.

The main goals of the payment system are security and reliability. MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM is determined to become an industry leader in reliable cash transfers in Russia. They concentrate on security in order to promote confidence and secure cashless transactions. As a company dedicated exclusively to the Russian industry of finance, Mir is seeking to establish the Russian sovereign payments zone. This will allow both individuals and institutions to make payments without interference from foreign companies.

The primary purpose of MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM is to provide secure Mir credit cards as national credit cards. Following this, the new firm plans to advertise its card on an international marketplace.


MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM provides a variety of products, each with distinct advantages and security protocols that differ. In their most popular products, they provide a range of cards:

World Debit Card

This card is ideal when it comes to online purchases. The card can be used either as a pre-paid credit card or a debit card.

World Classic Card

This card is suitable to be used for daily transactions. It allows offline or online payment options. It also comes with all the usual services from debit cards.

Specialized Cards

MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM provides additional cards to those who have specific financial requirements.

World Premium Card

The World Premium Card is the most advanced of Mir’s products. It comes with all the standard features of a debit card and even more. With this world-class card, you can earn cash back on all purchases. In addition, you will receive a complete range of bonuses and benefits. Benefits include SMS alerts, as well as personal assistance through your banking institution.

Employee Cards

Employee cards have a variety of options that can be beneficial for both employers and employees. Employers can create an arrangement of benefits that are specific to each employee for each employee. They can also keep meticulous documents using Mir’s payment system. The cards also come with a host of additional benefits including digital signatures.

Student Cards

MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM student cards are provided for educational establishments. They are designed to meet the requirements of students. They provide features to manage subventions and scholarships, differentiated benefits, and authorization options. They also have the option of parental control which allows responsible budgeting.

What Is MIR Accepted By MIR Payment System

Other cards are available to pensioners, for example.

In addition to cards, the other products offered by Mir comprise primarily payment systems. The MirAccept payment systems make their guarantee of security and dependability feasible. 

The MirAccept payment system is built around the 3D secure standard. It is 3D secure is a popular security system for payment that is designed to stop fraud in transactions. There are several variations of 3D secure and MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM offers different variations of the standard.

Payment Security Platform MIR Accept 1.0

Mir Accept 1.0 makes use of using the 3D Secure 1 Protocol. 3DS1 is a protocol that was developed by Visa. 3DS1 protocol was developed to improve the security of payment systems that are online. The protocol was an XML protocol initially developed by Visa. It was a significant step in the development of electronic commerce. The most well-known instances of 3DS1 are marketed under various names, like Mastercard SecureCode and Verified By Visa are two instances of 3DS1 protocols.

The three Domains Protocol basically examines three domains to confirm that the transaction is legal. There is first the domain of the issuer. It is usually the bank that issues the card. The bank that issued the card implements the protocol via the merchant plug-in (MPI). The other is the domain of the acquirer. This is the name of the bank the person who is receiving the payment works with. The acquirer uses 3D Secure using an Access Control Server (ACS). 

The final will be the domain of interoperability. This is the domain offered by the payment system that operates the card system and the 3D system. Each card scheme runs using a Directory Server (DS), which is responsible to connect the banks that are issuing and acquiring.

Mir Accept 1.0 follows the same basic principles as this protocol for security. This has increased security for MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM transactions, however, it has been widely criticized for not being robust enough. It’s not hard for a clever criminal to steal information from a cardholder This is among the weaknesses of 3DS1.

Payment Security Platform MIR Accept 1.0

MirAccept 2.0 makes use of the most up-to-date 3DS2 technology. 3DS1 employs static passwords. However static passwords can be easily hacked by hackers and are less secure than other methods, such as one-time passwords (OTP). 3DS2 provides OTP verification along with biometric and token-based authentication. 3DS2 also supports risk-based authentication that decides when to approve the transaction based on an estimated level of risk of fraud.

3DS2 reduces the number of transactions that are abandoned with the introduction of the brand-new “frictionless flow”. 3DS2 is also packed with new features and enhancements, including:

  • Non-standard extensions in compliance with specific requirements and regulations
  • Improved messaging between domains
  • Non-payment user authentication
  • Better data sets for an authentication based on risk
  • More decision-making capabilities and authenticating capabilities

A better way to protect yourself from payments that are not authenticated. This includes instances in which a credit card is taken.

Mir Accept 2.0 provides the smartphone SDK (Software Development Kit) application suite. This lets you access an abundance of resources for mobile apps that you’re creating. This results in an improved process, with fewer costs.

Between the two variants that make up the 3D secure protocol, we’d strongly suggest the second. The impact it has on your security can give you peace of peace. It is possible to further explore SDK for your company’s specific requirements.

Logibiztech Support for MIR Accept 2.0

In order to provide more coverage and support to all online payment processors for customers in Russia, Logibiztech Mobile SDK product works with Mir Accept 2.0. 

For more information, please visit: Paybizsdk

Further Adoption in Russia & Abroad

MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM continues to expand its influence in Russia as well as abroad. They are part of Russia’s NSPK which is the country’s national Payment Card System. Following 2016 Mir has worked to make sure that their cards are accepted internationally. The effort is paying off.

MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM has signed deals that have been signed with Mastercard, JCB, and Union Pay as well as other companies. Mir has a presence in France as well as Germany in addition.

In Russia, the system’s longevity has been shown. In 2017 Russia has passed a law requiring that all banks utilize Mir for pension and welfare payments. The security that MIR PAYMENT SYSTEM offers allows Mir ideal for further expansion both in Russia and around the world.

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